Clatch Resources

A blend of marketing and informational resources from around the internet. T-shirts, buttons, pens, top lists, webzines and much more come together to fill your brain and enable you to make shiny things.


Webcomic Hosting

Print Comics and Books (Turn your webcomics into print comics and eBooks)

  • (great print on demand books, but a bit pricey)
  • Ka-Blam! (specializes in comic books, posters, and more)
  • WOWIO (eBooks)

Ad Revenue

  • Project Wonderful (swap ads with other cartoonists and maybe make some lunch money)
  • ADSDAQ (This is the simplest way to get ads on your site. WARNING: New kid on the block, extreme fluctuations in revenue)
  • Burst (Doesn't pay great for most, but it is tried and true)
  • Tribal Fusion (Tried and true, pays well, but can be very hard to get on)
    NOTE: With the exception of Project Wonderful you need at least 3000 daily uniques to make any real stab at taking in ad revenue. Project Wonderful is still worth it to gain exposure.

Top Lists (Get your comic ranked)


  • Graphic Design and Digital Coloring
    • Adobe Photoshop (The industry standard for photography and graphic art. Great for digital coloring)
    • Adobe Illustrator (The industry standard for graphic art. Great for lettering)
    • Paint Shop Pro (Great for digital coloring at a fraction of the cost for Photoshop)
    • Gimp (Free Open Source program for graphic arts and digital coloring)
    • Gimpshop (Free Open Source program for graphic arts and digital coloring with a Photoshop style GUI)
    • Painter (Mimic just about any form of natural media from water colors to oils)
  • Web Design
  • PDF
  • Wacom Tablet (Pressure sensitive pen tablet for detailed digital coloring)


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